Space VHS Library

This game including all 3D models have been developed in less than a week by Saeed Prez (at Sarvi Games) for Brackey's Jam 2020.2 and with the theme "Rewind" in mind.


You are you a space robot librarian and your job is to manage a space VHS library. A drone will drop VHS tapes every few seconds and you have to rewind them and return them to the correct shelves, based on the movie genre.

Be warned! Your robot Boss is not kind, if you don't do your job well and too many movies end up lying around on the ground, you will get fired..


  • Use your ARROW-keys to move the robot
  • Press E to pick up or drop a VHS tape
  • Use the Rewind Machine for super fast rewind
  • Press Space to activate boost

I highly recommend you play this game in full screen in order to find the correct shelf a lot easier.

Known Bugs

Since this game is submitted to a jam, no updates can be uploaded while the jam is accepting votes. Here is a list of known bugs that cannot be fixed until after the voting period of two weeks closes.

  • Shelves have a smaller hit box area 
    • Shelves have a wrong sized small area in the middle where you can turn in the VHS tapes. So make sure the VHS tape you're holding hits the middle of the shelf.
  • Drones get too fast too soon
    •  After 10-15 VHS  tapes are sorted on the shelves, the drones that deliver the VHS tapes are supposed to come a little faster, but due to a bug they start coming nonstop.



  • Added boost mechanics (Press Space)
  • Added tutorial for boost mechanics
  • Changed all shelf title colors to have more contrast


  • Camera follows player on two axis
  • Player now auto-rewinds the VHS 
  • Added background to the genre titles above the shelves
  • Added in game step by step tutorial
  • Added option to skip tutorial (Press X)
  • Added audio indicator for when a VHS is fully rewound
  • Added boss audio when you are fired
  • Added rewind animation to the robot
  • Added rewind animation to the super fast rewind machine
  • More..


  • Added boss anger indicator
  • Added post-processing
  • Rearranged the shelves a bit
  • Camera now follows the robot for a bit to make it easier to navigate the further parts of the level


Leave a comment, I'll be glad to hear what you think..


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Nice looking game.

will soon play it.

i request you to play my game too.


i like the overall design, everything is consistent, at 1st it's hard to control the robot but when you get used to it and with the help of boost you will be fine , i rewinded lots of VHS but still i get fired the boss still don't love me :(

The boss is a crazy mad man :) Thanks for playing


Fun Concept, the controls are somewhat confusing but graspable. Love the spacey sounds!

Thank you for playing, the tank controls are part of the challenge  :)


Really like the aesthetic of this game, the visuals and sound design come together so well! I had fun figuring out the best way to control the robot, especially when I found out going backwards was often easier than turning around.

I was a little confused about the rewind mechanic, since the robot seems to rewind them automatically rather than having to press R. The faster rewind machine was a fun addition since I'd often choose a route that went past it.

The one issue I had was that it was frustrating only being able to do one thing at a time. I'd appreciate even being able to carry two tapes at once (maybe the player can only rewind with the machine if both hands are full?). It would allow the player to choose optimal routes to make the most of each trip to the store's back row.

Thank you for playing and reviewing my game.

Hehe, I use the backward a lot as well. Especially since I can get back through the shelves the same way I came :)

I changed the rewind from manual to automatic in the last update, I forgot to change the control description.

That is a cool idea, pick up two tapes but you can't rewind anymore. I doubt I will have time to implement it before the deadline, 4 am here and 8 hours remaining on the jam... sleep or work, sleep or work.. hmm... :)


Pretty fun. I got confused a bit by the pick up feature- since the robot has two hands, I would try to pick up two tapes, but end up just dropping the one I had. I also couldn't figure out how to use the super rewinder (or why it was necessary). The atmosphere is great though, I love the sound.

Note: The color coded shelf design is bad design (for color blind players), but having the titles listed above the shelves helps. You probably should have made all the titles above shelves only 1 color, a light tone that stands out against the dark  shelves. Some of the titles are really unreadable if the film color is a dark color.

The quick AND skippable tutorial helps. The control scheme is definitely wonky, but operable. Having both WASD and arrow keys was nice. Plus it is a browser game, so I didn't have to mess with downloads. Good work for a jam game!

Thank you for playing and giving feedback.

I had plans to pick up two tapes when I created the models but due to the time limit enforced by the jam I had to cut some features. Now he uses one hand to hold the tape and one hand to rewind it :) It might change though.

Ah, of course. I should have thought about players who are color blind when I designed the movies. Thanks for pointing that out, I will make the changes.

The controls are meant to be a bit wonky, like if you're driving a tank to make the level more challenging when you try to navigate through the small gaps between the shelves. I wanted the player to make choices, use the slow automatic rewind or the fast rewind machine that is out of the way, navigate on the sides that are wide open or through the small gaps, and so on.


Fun, really. But, yeah, I was at first, wait, what should I do. What am I doing.

But eventually I got the mechanism tho lol.

Everything is perfect, I’d say, tho a little bit of instruction menu would be nice.

Music and sounds are epic!

Thank you for playing the game.

I have since added an in game step-by-step tutorial that should guide new players to fully understand the game mechanics and what to do. 


The controls were very confusing at the beginning, but I got a hang of it fairly quickly. The controls could be tweaked slightly, but i think because it's harder to control makes it more fun. The rewind but is a little annoying, especially with the current controls. Besides that, its quite fun and I thought it was pretty fun. Good Job!

Thank you for trying the game and your feedback. I have updated the game and added tons of new features, one being auto-rewind :)


it took me quite some time to get used to a controls also i think that the fact that you have to always press R to rewind tape is a little anoying and you should have made for example that you can just press R once and wait for tape to get rewinded but overall it was quite fun and i liked it.Keep up the good work.

Thank you for playing the game and for your feedback.