This game was developed within 72 hours during Ludum Dare 46.


The objective is to protect your egg (your baby) as long as you possibly can.

How to play

  • Control the chicken with the ARROW-keys, the WASD-keys
  • Aim and rotate with your mouse.
  • Shoot your guns with the SPACE BAR-key or the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
  • Use the MINIMAP, it's a great way to keep track of the enemies.
  • Pick upp ammo on the ground, it will increase your weapon damage.
  • Press N at any time to play the next song.


Enemies have different amount of health. A few things to notice:

  • The girl has very little health but she is very fast.
  • The police has heavy armor and can therefore take a lot of damage.
  • The zombie is a monster, he doesn't die easy but he is very slow.
  • The enemies get more health and spawn faster with time.


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Is a good arcade game, nice music.. Where did you get it? Really enjoyable to play.. Good game bro..

how do you upload it so that yo can play straight from itch.io without downloading?

Awsome game!

Thank you ♥

The game is made for the browser. Unity (the game engine I've used to develop this game) allows you to select your target platform, which in this case is WebGL.


It's nice, the movement feels a bit too slippery though.

Hi there, thanks for playing. I have since improved the camera/movement if you would like to try again.

Really much better, nice game.