Cursed Space Station

Free aliens from human curse in this action filled top down shooter! 

In game dialogue:

Special Agent Kenney, glad you could make it!

This is one of our top secret stations. It hosts only our 2-dimensional alien allies.

Unfortunately, the human way of life has cursed these aliens. Our wars, poverty, politics, over-consumption, and all other miseries has filled them up with toxic gas and turned them into 3-dimensional beings.

I'm counting on you to kill their human form and set them free.

Oh, I almost forgot.. they will release the toxic gas upon death, I expect you to act professional.

Good luck.


  • Use WASD or ARROW-keys to move your character
  • Use MOUSE to aim
  • User LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire
  • Press R to restart game
  • Press V to change your character skin
  • Press C to toggle controls between global axis and local axis
    • In local axis you move towards the mouse cursor

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Game dev: Looks up toxic gas sound effects on google

Results: farting into mic sounds

I don't really like the character's movements, but I love the various juicy effects and all that! Nice game! :)

Thank you for playing and for your comment. Did you try pressing C in game to toggle to global axis movement instead of local axis?

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now here is some tiny feedback, 

  1. i would like that wen you shoot the projectile can be seen, because it looks like a stun gun or other melee gun
  2. lag, i dont know if its my pc but its to complicated walk in small platforms withou falling
  3. when i restart, it resets the local/global mode

but for some reason, i like the design of the map, the combination of colors, and things, im sure that when it will be finished, i will love it

note: sorry if I stressed you

Hey, thank you for your feedback. Not sure about the small platforms, I haven’t noticed anything but then again you always know how to play your own game.

I still haven’t decided if I want to use the local or global controls, I feel the local is the way to go for me. Did you prefer the global controls over the local one?